The mission of BlocSuite has always been very simple. Our purpose was to serve as a meeting place for people united for a common purpose. The literal combination of the words “Bloc” and “Suite.” The vision materialized with the launch of our website in 2009.

Since the launch of, we had the opportunity to share our perspectives on social issues, profiles on entertainers, information on businesses and products,  and educating our readers of an array of topics. At some point, the vision became blurred, and in 2013, we had to take a step back.

Three years later, in 2016, our vision became clearer than ever. The mission was just as simple as it was on day one. We were here to provide a meeting place for people and businesses uniting for a common purpose, the essence of BlocSuite. But again, we had to take a step back to redefine strategy, and how we could deliver upon our mission within the rapidly changing climate of media.

We are back, and we feel that we have the right strategy in place to continue to grow, while still delivering on our mission to you. You’ll notice a few different things. Our social media presence will continue to go. You can follow us on Instagram at @BlocSuite and BlocSuite on Facebook. Share the pages and help our social media presence grow. You will also see our expanded media presence, as we’ve partnered with New Twist Radio as well. We anticipate continual growth for the future, and that means partnerships with organizations within the local community, sponsorship of sports teams, athletes, and events, and the official launch of the BlocSuite scholarship fund. It’s going to be an exciting year.

To those just joining us for the first time today, we welcome you. We hope you enjoy what we bring to the table. We hope that you’ll interact with us, share us with your friends, and most importantly, support what we do here because we do it for you. To our supporters, those who have been with us since 2006 or joined us sometime along the way, we consider you family, and thank you for continually being a part of BlocSuite. Your support means the world to what we do, because that support means that we’re making a impact.

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