The box office didn’t disappoint in 2018, regardless of your favorite genre of movie. Here’s our Top 5 favorite movies from the last year.

Number 5 – Creed II 
If you’ve watched ANY of the Rocky movies, or the first installment of Creed, you knew exactly what to expect. That didn’t make the movie any less entertaining. Michael B. Jordan is an amazing actor, and is doing extremely well in carrying the torch of the Rocky franchise. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s worth the watch.

Number 4 – Avengers: Infinity War
The Marvel Cinematic Universe had a hold of the box office, and this was a global blockbuster. There aren’t many people who haven’t seen Infinity War and even fewer who aren’t awaiting Endgame. Not much explanation needed.

Number 3 – BlacKkKlansman
Spike Lee did it again, and teaming with Jordan Peele, released another classic movie. While this may have not had the box office appeal of the Marvel movies of 2018, this did serve a bigger purpose than making money. This movie told the true story of the first Black detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department taking on the task of infiltrating the KKK. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Number 2 – The Hate U Give
Race relations have seemingly been at an all-time high, and this movie gives a gripping account of just how tense things are. If this movie didn’t move you, you are probably part of the problem.

Number 1 – Black Panther
Does this need much explanation? The Marvel Cinematic Universe had a stranglehold on the box office for much of 2018, and for what Infinity War achieved on a global scale in the box office, Black Panther equally impressive in the U.S. market, and was even more impressive with its accomplishments after releasing. Black Panther became the highest grossing solo superhero movie of all time, and second highest grossing superhero movie. It was also the biggest “pre-summer” movie opening of all-time. Most “blockbuster” movies release after May 1st, the industry start of summer, for their biggest season. The list of accolades goes on and on, and we could go on and on as well. We’ll close the list out by saying…


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