Not My President

“Not My President” is a term that has been thrown around often since the unexpected win by President-Elect Donald Trump. Many, including current U.S. President Barack Obama, are calling to give him a chance. We owe Trump that much. We owe Trump? How? He didn’t win the popular vote. Sound familiar? Ask Al Gore how that worked out. The George W. Bush era should still be pretty fresh in most minds, although 16 years does sound like a long time ago. And according to Trump, the Electoral College process, the same process by which he won the Presidency, should be thrown in the trash. How ironic that he wants to abolish the very process that put him in power. Truth is, Donald Trump has been elected as President of the United States of America, and by that right he deserves an opportunity to lead.trump








Many believe that Trump took the path of least resistance, and just simply uttered rhetoric to gain backing by giving people what they wanted to hear. He also took advantage of a society that wants to move away from “politics as usual,” which is a drastic and very necessary change. Were we going to get that from Hillary Clinton, or any other Washington D.C. stalwart? Trump may be able to deliver a different perspective that has been lacking in U.S. Government.

While the challenge is daunting, Donald Trump can be successful with three very big FIRST steps:

Start repairing the relationships that were severely damaged during your campaign.

  • Minorities do not trust you at all
  • Women do not trust you at all
  • Racists and their racist behaviors need to be denounced and punished severely

Immigration is absolutely necessary in the United States, and needs to be viewed as such.

  • Minorities, especially those who can be labeled immigrants, do not trust you
  • Illegal immigrants and immigrants are not the same thing
  • Some of our most successful industries here in the United States thrive on immigration

Gain back the respect of other countries that was immediately lost

  • Foreign leaders do not trust you at all
  • Understand who our allies are, as well as our enemies, and know the difference
  • Realize that our economy is dependent upon our relationship with other countries and their economies

President Trump, the world has trust issues when it comes to the relationship with you. You have to begin repairing this relationship, even before you officially start the job on January 20th, 2017. There’s a long road ahead, and the next four years will not be easy. But, if you ask President Barack Obama, it’s a lot easier when you start gaining the trust and respect of your country. Based on the popular vote, you do not currently have that.



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